Moss Botanical Sphere
Moss Botanical Sphere
Moss Botanical Sphere
Moss Botanical Sphere

Moss Botanical Sphere

$485.00 CAD

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Moss Botanical Sphere by Chantal Royer Design

The Circle of life is Nature's way of taking and giving back life to earth. It symbolizes the universe being sacred and divine. It represents the infinite nature of energy. This is what I wanted to express by making a moss wall in a circular form 

The vegetable moss is the raw material we use for the plant art paintings. The moss we use comes directly from Quebec Eastern Townships and is carefully treated and stabilized to preserve its brightness permanently. Our artistic approach allows you to have botanical creations that will incorporate nature directly into your indoor environment without any need for maintenance and exceptional quality.

Chantal has developed an expertise for the installation of botanical arrangements and vegetable or floral sculptures for corporate, commercial or private events. We also work in close collaboration with interior designers, architects and event organizers to develop a unique and remarkable botanical design.

Stabilized moss

The great diversity of moss that we use allows us to design works that reflect the richness of the textures found in nature. Treated with a natural process, the stabilized foam will retain its original appearance and will endure over the years.

We also incrustons through the foam of other natural materials such as wood and mineral stones, as well as foliage to deepen the composition. The dimensions can be customized according to your project and your needs.

Paintings of art almost alive that requires no effort except to be contemplated

•Shipping only in Canada 

•Allow 2 to 4 weeks delivery