Extra Large Teak Hand Blown Glass Vase Sculpture

Extra Large Teak Hand Blown Glass Vase Sculpture

$295.00 CAD

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Naturally sculptural reclaimed teak roots become the base for this artful planter. The blown glass vessel seems to pour over the roots and sit beautifully, frozen in time, catching eyes in your home. Due to the natural wood and glass shape each is piece is unique. 

This product features an eco-duo of recycled glass and reclaimed wood. Instead of discarding or burning these beautiful and unique teak roots, Artisans reclaim these pieces and blow recycled glass onto them to create beautiful vessels. Our recycled glass is melted at around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. Our artisan then blows the glass onto the wooden roots at around 960-1000 degrees Fahrenheit. The roots are often burnt during this process, and as a result there may be some black residue- leaving a charred appearance in some areas. Each wood piece is then washed and treated, but this heat effect sometimes goes bit deeper in the wood which can be expected, and may rub off when handled.

Made in Indonesia.

  • Any flaws, bubbles, mineral deposits or ripples in glass are considered natural and due to the handcrafted origins of this unique product and are in no way to be considered defects
  • No two will be exactly alike
  • Keep in mind due to the handcrafted & natural origins the size is approximate and will vary in each piece. The size listed is approximite. 
  • If you require exact size or volume please contact us with the individual item code from the selection drop down menu, and we will be happy to get this info. to you. 
  • Our size extra large is approximately overall 15" to 18" tall (please see drop down menu for approx. overall size for each unit)