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The little story behind: My Hat Collection

The little story behind: My Hat Collection

Did you know that I was crazy for vintage hats? Well, I collect antique hats since ever, I find them so elegant. Remember when everyone was wearing one? It was so classy. There was one hat I particularly wore all the time: a 1950s Sisal fedora.

It finally gave away and I :-(  knew it would be impossible to find another one to replace it! The shape was so different than what you can get these days.

My friend Mariouche said to me, “Why don’t we do a version of your hat that you love so much and make it your collection?” So I started looking at all the felted fabrics and colours available in her huge back store, I got so inspired! That’s how we started our collaboration. Ps.While I was looking for some colours I saw this odd dirty lavender felt material lying alone and fell in love with it. I totally forgot about it but it turns out she didn’t. For my 50th birthday, she offered me this beautiful hat decorated with a delicate recycled tie.

- Lysanne

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