About Us

Founded in 1998 in Old Montreal, my shop, The Pepin Shop, has become a sought-after destination for those who value elegance and quality craftsmanship in home decor. I take pride in presenting a collection that showcases the best of Montreal’s furniture, lighting, and home accessories.

Our Collections

• Furniture: Our selection of locally made sofas and sectionals combines style and comfort, perfect for enhancing any living space.
• Lighting & Home Accessories: Explore our range of lighting, from functional to artistic, complemented by cushions in various textures and colors, elegant vases, and our exclusive linen collection for the table and bedroom.
• ‘L’Amour du Pain’ Bakery: Experience the warmth and aroma of our bakery, where you can pause for coffee and a pastry.
• Botanique Flores and Workshop Space: I also invite you to explore our botanical space, where you will find a variety of plants, bouquets, and custom-made floral arrangements in an inspiring and serene atmosphere.

At The Pepin Shop, dive into a world where art, beauty, and functionality come together.
The spirit of The Pepin Shop speaks to a new generation who seek a refined, yet effortless lifestyle that will reflect their individuality.
We’re nothing without you.
We never lose sight of our vision: to make people feel good, through the products and the service we provide everyday. We are dedicated to providing Total Customer Service, in true Pepin fashion.


Their family genes have passed on a beautiful mélange, of art & commerce.
Grand Papa Pepin had the best supermarket in town with a reputation for impeccable customer service. Lysanne’s parents used a section of the store to display furniture & offer design services. This later also evolved into work promoting design through magazines and interior design expositions.